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Meet Our Horses





Lucy is the matriarch of the Starbrite crew. She is a Percheron who was foaled in 2003. Lucy is a majestic horse whose wisdom shows on her face. She is dark bay in color and while a lady never reveals her weight, she is the largest horse at Starbrite.


Bob is the Starbrite comedian. He has a wonderful, playful personality. Bob is a sorrel Halflinger who was foaled in 2003. When he is not finding ways to get people’s attention, he enjoys playing with the ball that hangs in his stall.


Angel has been a loved pleasure horse for our wonderful rider, Lara, who recently donated her. She is a 19yr. old paint. Although she is an independent horse, she is wise and settled. Angel is a delightful addition to the herd and to our Starbrite family.


Sevvy is the most laid back of the Starbrite crew. She is a stunning, black Tennessee Walker who was foaled in 2008. She is new to Starbrite, but she is quickly endearing herself to the other horses as a good friend and companion.


Conner is the ladies’ man of the group. He is a 20 yr. old paint, and has trained as a hunter / jumper. Conner has a wise and intelligent air about him. He is taking to his new training well and is quickly becoming a loved Starbrite employee.


Penny is a very intuitive and empathetic horse. She is a trained Dressage horse and is a very passionate horse. Penny is 22 and came to us with her best friend, Conner. She is a strikingly, beautiful brown quarter horse. It is mesmerizing to just watch her walk across the arena.